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Convertible Top
Submitted By: Mark42
Date Created: 06-26-2005
Description: After the first season of boating it became apparent that some sort of sun protection was needed on the boat. So after researching all the top options it came down to a Bimini Top or a custom built Convertible Top (AKA Navy Top). I thought the Convertible Top would compliment the style of this old boat. And it looks a little sportier than the standard "out of the box" Bimini Top.

For the same price as a budget two bow Bimini Top, I have built this custom Convertible Top. I think you will agree that it was the better choice.
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Original Convertible Top

Used top bought from ebay

Cut down bow width.

Assembled frame being fit to boat

Rear view of frame.

The Sewing Work Area

Trial fit of top

Interior View

Last Fitting
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