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     '65 MFG Niagara       
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'65 MFG Niagara
Submitted By: Mark42
Date Created: 02-11-2005
Description: This restoration project was intended to bring this old MFG Niagara back to safe service and keep the '60's look and feel. I did not intended to do a museum piece restoration. I wanted a boat that was reliable and safe for family outings. This boat was built to have fun in. And we do!

The project was started in September 2003 and the boat was mostly complete and in use by the middle of summer of 2004. There are still some minor changes that I want to make, as well as make a Navy top, make a removable hard top, and install a permanent gas tank. We will see how things pan out.


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This is the boat as I found it in September 2003.

Boat is home.

Clean up!

It's worse than it looks.

320 lbs of Evinrude V4

Ready for Winter Storage

Spring Comes

Got Outboard Motor!

Lets test it before spending any more money.
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