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1) First Harley 12-28-2004
  Submitted by user shareaproject
  I recently got my hands on an 89 sportster with a custom paint job and some cool
customization. It needs some work though. This project will follow that work ...
2) 1978 HD Sportster 01-05-2005
  Submitted by user Ironhead
  Harley Davidson & Winter project...
3) My rides 01-06-2005
  Submitted by user billn
  pics for my new ride and my wifes ride...
4) Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner 01-28-2005
  Submitted by user kpreese
  The instructions are adequate, but some pictures of an installation of a
Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner would probably be helpful for some folks, so here
ya' go. I...
5) my ride 2 02-02-2005
  Submitted by user billn
  Pictures of my wife's and my bikes....
6) Lepera Bare Bones on 2003 Sportster 03-13-2005
  Submitted by user kpreese
  I wasn't happy with the "puffy" solo seat that came on my 2003 Harley-Davidson
Sportster. Not only was it a bit ugly, it was uncomfortable for me on longer
7) Lowering my Sportster 03-18-2005
  Submitted by user kpreese
  I love my 2003 Sportster but I sure would like a lower stance. It might mean a
sacrifice of some handling (reduced ground clearance, etc.), but it would look
8) 1965 Honda Scrambler Project 08-01-2005
  Submitted by user emohn
  A feeble attempt at making one whole 1965 Honda Scrambler 305cc motorcycle out
of two basket-cases....
9) H-D 2006 FXDBI Street Bob (7 Sub-Projects) 12-17-2005
  Submitted by user kpreese
  I love my new bike and will not be making any radical changes. I WILL however
make it more and more "mine" over the years. Here is where I will share the

1) New Exhaust 06-01-2006
  I didn't take pictures of the install, but here are some pictures of the RB
Racing LSR 2-1 system. These pictures also show some other recent improvements....
2) Garage Door Opener 04-21-2006
  I've been using a keypad remote to open my garage door for my bike. I've been
concerned about this on those rare late night situations because I can coast
past ...
3) Horn Cover 02-12-2006
  Some have called it a "cow bell" and still others love it, but I didn't care for
the stock horn cover. This round cover by Adjure is simple and looks great....
4) Fat Mini-Apes 02-12-2006
  I can tolerate the throttle/idle cables, the brake line and the clutch cable,
but the wires for the hand switches make the handlebars look a bit sloppy. The
5) License Mount 01-16-2006
  I wasn't happy hauling a small "billboard" on the back of my bike to show my
license plate. I looked at all the typical laydown mounts and even the sideways
6) Tachometer 12-17-2005
  To me, motorcycles should have a tachometer. Since the 2006 Dyna Street Bob is a
new bike, there isn't a lot of info out there on the best way to proceed. I ...
7) Lighting updates (run/turn/brake controller, LED blinkers and tail light) 11-28-2005
  I love the blacked out look of my new 2006 Harley-Davidson Street Bob, but the
amber and red lenses on the lights seemed out of place. Thanks to a tip from
10) 1969 Honda 250 R&R 06-24-2006
  Submitted by user GA Paramedic
  This is a 1969 Honda 250cc that has not ran in 20 years. We are dragging it out
for repair and restoration. Pictures will be coming soon!...
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