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11) Portrait painting.people and pets. 11-18-2006
  Submitted by user arthur
  Painting people and pets is interesting and challenging to get a good likeness
of the subject being commited to canvas.Creating a portrait that will last (
12) 2006 Unity Festival Muskegon MI 08-18-2006
  Submitted by user ddavisr
  Muskegon MI...
13) Trading Cards 09-23-2006
  Submitted by user Ifishinwater
  Ive started this project to start finding out the value of my trading cards.
They will be for sale and most likly on eBay auction. There is several hundred
so t...
14) Booth photo of my copper art and some other works 11-28-2006
  Submitted by user Ifishinwater
  These are tooled copper works by MICHAEL BRUCKDORFER. Some works have up to 35
coats paint on them. All works are copy righted and may not be used in any form
15) A jewel of a package from bubble wrap 12-03-2006
  Submitted by user Ifishinwater
  Created by Michael Buckdorfer & my wife Jan
This was idea using bubble wrap in this manner was designed for personal use &
16) 1988 Yamaha CF300 01-05-2007
  Submitted by user Vilulf
  1988 Yamaha CF300 "INVITER" ....WAY ahead of it's time.. and still kicking ass
17) Who Am I? 01-27-2009
  Submitted by user sdunt
  So many registrations ask for 'my home page' well I didn't really have one until
I got to thinking that most of what I do or have done is documented on Share a ...
18) Case 310 Crawler Tractor 04-23-2007
  Submitted by user sdunt
  Now that I own an acreage and need to dig a hole to add to the house. I
'borrowed' my Dad's 1958 JI case 310 Crawler loader tractor. Its in good
running shape...
19) Snorkel a 2006 Brute Force 650i 10-31-2007
  Submitted by user GatorTom
  This project walks through snorkeling the airbox and intake/exhaust for a
Kawasaki Brute Force 650i. This should work with other years and models of
Brute Forc...
20) Modify a Cooler master 810 12-27-2007
  Submitted by user Realgun
  Modifying a Cooler Master 810...
<< Displaying Projects 11 - 20 of 36 >>

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