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1) Floorstanding Speakers 11-07-2006
  Submitted by user TomJ
  My first home audio project. Starting with an electrical-only component kit off
ebay (drivers, crossovers, ports) I wanted to make up my own floorstanders to m...
2) Commodore C386SX-LT 04-30-2006
  Submitted by user rowdy235
  I bought this laptop off ebay for $10. It included, a functional but old laptop,
power adapter, standalone charger, 2 batteries, and case. In this project, I wi...
3) Tachometer interface for old OMCs 10-04-2007
  Submitted by user Paul Moir
  This is a black box which interfaces an old OMC (Gale/Johnson/Evinrude) 2
cylinder outboard with an automotive tachometer. While this interface has only
been ...
4) From acoustic to Telecaster 12-23-2007
  Submitted by user thunderroad
  Armed with inspiration after following a project by my internet pal TerryM in
the UK, I tackled the following acoustic guitar project. I was determined to
  Displaying Projects 1 - 4 of 4  

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