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1) Replacing Trunk Carpet 05-13-2005
  Submitted by user shareaproject
  We're a Jeep household...mine: Green 4wd Grand Cherokee with towing. Hers:
Much Fancier White Grand Cherokee. An "old" car battery was placed in the
back o...
2) 1989 BMW 325ic Restoration (9 Sub-Projects) 06-04-2005
  Submitted by user fixb52s
  I found this car a few years ago when I helped a friend move. Her husband
abandoned it, and it sat in their open Louisiana carport for almost 6 years.
Many pe...

1) Leather Restoration 12-03-2006
  Cleaning the seats was not good enough. The leather has years of use that
resulted in drying out, cracking and a hardness described as cardboard. Using a
2) Drag it home 05-17-2006
  After clearing it out and pushing it up on a trailer, It was removed from the
carport for the first time in 6 years. Now the fun begins....
3) Engine/Mechanical 04-25-2006
  The powertrain needs to be gone through due to it's non use. Fluids have to be
changed. Belts, hoses, tune up parts all need to be done to prevent any problem...
4) Convertible top replacement 04-25-2006
  The top on this car is shot. The rear window was gone, and the canvas is torn
and cut. It might have been reusable if items were not thrown at/on it when it
5) Wheels/Brakes/Suspension 04-25-2006
  This car shakes! Not in a good way though. The tires sat flat for a long time,
and even though they hold air, they are flat spoted to the point that they prob...
6) Body/Paint 04-25-2006
  The paint is in bad shape. It might have been kept up when it was in California
in the 90s, but the past owner really let it go. Does it need a repaint or can...
7) Electrical/Instruments 04-25-2006
  Some things don't work. All the gauges and various waning lights are dead.
These things can be easier to fix than you might think....
8) Fuel System 04-25-2006
  When gas sits for years it will destroy stuff. Jacks and fuel tanks also don't
9) Interior clean up 04-25-2006
  The interior was sad. While it was never flooded, it sat with old cigarette
butts everywhere and no real ventilation. There was no mold, just a lot of
nasty g...
3) 85 RX7 302 08-01-2005
  Submitted by user cloud
  The goal of this project is to build a fun, reliable, and most importantly,
cheap street car that can also be enjoyed in various motorsports events, such as
4) Li'l, the Bug-Eyed Sprite 08-01-2005
  Submitted by user NOHOME
  This is the restoration of a car that was really too far gone. I am doing it as
a challenge and hope to return it to its original owner when it is done....
5) Honda H3011SA Riding Lawn Mower 04-15-2006
  Submitted by user rowdy235
  I have owned the mower for 2 years. I now feel a need to make it run "perfect".
I will mow with my (more powerful + larger width) Craftsman LT1000; however need...
6) Manco Dingo Go Cart (8 Sub-Projects) 02-13-2007
  Submitted by user fixb52s
  This Go Cart that followed me home was abused. The past 3 owners tried to fix
it up, but gave up. I like a challange and the kids wanted it, so I rebuilt it

1) Tires 06-18-2007
  The wheels and tires that came on this suck. Correct tires and wheels are
2) Pedal stops 06-16-2007
  The cart only came with one pedal stop. These are not avalable from Manco
anymore, so a new one for the brake pedal must be made....
3) Floor mat 06-03-2007
  The floor looks a little plain, so a mat will be fitted....
4) Rear axle 05-31-2007
  The rear axle assembly is in need of some major work. It has to be replaced due
to some damage. The cost to refurb this cart just went up....
5) Reassembly 05-08-2007
  What comes apart must be put back together. A complete machine is nothing but
an assembly of many parts, and one piece of the puzzle can determine if it works
6) Engine 04-18-2007
  The 8 HP engine runs, but needs work. I have a 3.5 HP engine from a broken
edger that was going to be installed, but I found this 5 HP engine for a good
7) Frame restoration 02-13-2007
  The frame needs to be stripped of paint for a proper inspection and to remove
any rust. The plan was to paint it with spray paint, but instead it was
8) Tear down 02-13-2007
  The cart must be totally disassembled to properly rebuild it. Having pictures
and a parts breakdown will make reassembly easier....
7) 1998 Jeep Cherokee 04-05-2007
  Submitted by user ddavisr
  Replacing a blown motor and lifting jeep 3"....
8) 83 celica 05-15-2007
  Submitted by user anthony115merc
  this is my 83 celica...
9) 1982 Toyota SR5 Pickup 07-02-2007
  Submitted by user rowdy235
  I picked up this truck for $550, to commute back and fourth to school. I will
fix up some of the things on the truck....
10) 1987 V8 Fiero GT (6 Sub-Projects) 08-30-2007
  Submitted by user fixb52s
  This is a project I completed some years ago. The Fiero found a new home when I
bought my new (at the time) 02 Trans Am WS6. l found all the pictures and deci...

1) The rest of the minor details 08-30-2007
  With the major grunt work done, it is down to fuel and water plumbing, wiring,
shift linkage and all those other little things. ...
2) Part 5 in car powertrain assembly 08-30-2007
  The engine is in but needs everything hooked up. Suspension will be bolted in.
The water pump is bolted on and plumbed. Intake manifold is assembled. Genera...
3) Part 4 engine installation 08-30-2007
  Time to mount the V8 into the car. This is where you start to see something
cool. Not many people see V8 in this car....
4) Part 3 engine bay mods 08-30-2007
  Before installing the V8, a few modifications must be completed in the engine
compartment. It seems like a lot of work, but it only takes a few hours and
just ...
5) Part 2 V6 removal 08-30-2007
  Out with the old. The Fiero powertrain comes out from the bottom, and that
creates some problems, but it can be done with an engine hoist and jackstands.
It w...
6) Part 1 Engine prep. 08-30-2007
  The V8 needed to be assembled onto a new subframe cradle. I built one prior,
and found a few shortcuts, like getting a second frame to build up. This saved
  Displaying Projects 1 - 10 of 24 >>

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