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11) Driveway update 11-19-2007
  Submitted by user sdunt
  We added 78 tons of recycled - crushed asphalt to our driveway ...
12) Installing Crown Molding on Cathedral Ceiling 01-08-2008
  Submitted by user sdunt
  Our 1970's Wausau house uses "panelized construction" which means that we have
these fake beams on the ceiling to cover the joints between the roof - ceiling
13) Oil Tank Smoker 01-21-2008
  Submitted by user Chuck_050382
  Building an offset reverse flow smoker from old fuel oil tanks. I am building
two smokers, one for myself that will be mounted to a trailer, and one for a
14) Deck and Trim 05-06-2008
  Submitted by user ddavisr
  Wendy's Cottage...
15) Kerdi - Walk In Shower 03-30-2009
  Submitted by user sdunt
  As a part of our master bedroom addition we built a tiled walk in shower with
the Schluter Kerdi waterproofing system....
  Submitted by user cpcarra13
  We renovated the beach house: moved the kitchen down stairs; added a sun room
in the back on the first floor and made a large master bedroom upstairs....
17) Wood Buring Stove From Water Heater Tank 02-01-2011
  Submitted by user sdunt
  Always working on the cheap and I need a wood burning stove for my work shop.
When a friend asked me to help replace his water heater I helped dispose of the
18) What IS 'Granite Transformations'? 03-15-2011
  Submitted by user sdunt
  I'm a bit of an old School Carpenter - Remodeler and when it first heard of
'Granite Transformations' I wondered what they were talking about. Now that a
19) Tips for creating the perfect indoor play area for kids 03-06-2015
  Submitted by user KhenSmith
  Whether itís because of spring rains, the heat of summer is bearing down, chilly
autumn winds are blowing, or thereís an icy winter covering on the ground, ther...
20) Hacked By CyB3r SorroW 05-22-2016
  Submitted by user Anonymous
  Hacked By CyB3r SorroW Hacked By CyB3r SorroW Hacked By CyB3r SorroW...
<< Displaying Projects 11 - 20 of 20  

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