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11) Kellercraft rebuild 02-20-2005
  Submitted by user kellercraftpics
  The project boat is a Kellercraft, 5.5m (18 feet), around 1980s model, near
20deg deadrise at the transom, 2.25m at the shoulders. The Kellercraft brand
were a...
12) Chillin' da Most 02-27-2005
  Submitted by user davidcrk1
  This is a labor of love? A rebuild and customize of a '87 Bayliner Capri...
13) Nostalgic 03-04-2005
  Submitted by user drewpster
  1969 Revel Craft Cruiser...
14) '89 Seaswirl floor replacement 03-07-2005
  Submitted by user olmpilot
  At first it was just a small portion that was rotten... then I started
cutting... and well... you know the rest......
15) '72 Beircraft 03-11-2005
  Submitted by user beercraft
  We are completely rebuilding a 1972 Biercraft fish and ski...
16) Cruise Craft Rapide V15 Restoration 03-17-2005
  Submitted by user tengals123
  I have spent months researching all aspects of the rebuild process. This will be
a full restoration, boat, motor and trailer. I antisipate it to take 5months. I...
17) Pivotal Drive .. 03-24-2005
  Submitted by user arthur
  A unique propulsion system for boats.Boating in the shallow sand bar filled
harbors and streams of the North Island of New Zealand in the 1950-60`s gave
many pr...
18) 1963 Starcraft Fiesta 06-10-2008
  Submitted by user bipolarnut
  I am rebuilding a 1963 Starcraft Fiesta. I bought the boat hull and trailer for
$150. ...
19) Building Willow Bay 03-30-2005
  Submitted by user sailor3X7
  I am currently building a 15 foot Glen-L design sailboat. The design is called
Minuet. My boat is named Willow Bay....
20) 1991 searay 160 03-30-2005
  Submitted by user tene307
  This was a project boat from the beginning. Hopefully soon it will touch water....
<< Displaying Projects 11 - 20 of 417 >>

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