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1) 89 Citation Caprice Cuddy (8 Sub-Projects) 12-07-2004
  Submitted by user shareaproject
  89 Citation Caprice Cuddy - Before, After and DURING! This is our 1989
Citation Caprice Cuddy. When we got the boat, her interior was trashed: The
teak was...

1) Changing the Impeller 05-14-2007
  I've owned the boat for about three years and have never done any water pump
maintenance. I've been very lucky thus far, but figured I'd better not press my
2) New engine controls 05-14-2007
  My old engine controls were worn out. It looked terrible and didn't work well,
it was jumpy and was tricky to work at low speeds. My AWESOME wife bought me a ...
3) New Carpet and Upholstery 05-14-2007
  After a season with the new Nautolex and all white upholstery, I decided that I
didn't really like it. The white was just too "stark", and the nautolex turned ...
4) New Guages 05-14-2007
  My guages are ugly, and a couple of them have never worked. I've been
threatening to buy new ones for a couple of years. I was suprised on
Valentine's day whe...
5) Trailer Work 04-28-2005
  Our project boat is ready to go for the season, but our trailer needs some work
before it'll be totally safe. It has several rusted spots that will start to af...
6) Spray on bedliner for recessed drain area 04-19-2005
  After trying without success to apply Nautolex to the recessed drain area of my
boat floor, I decided to try something different and applying spray on bedliner ...
7) New Storage / Gunwales 01-26-2005
  When I bought my boat, all storage space under then gunnels had been cut out (if
it ever had any!). Since I was tearing out and replacing the deck anyway, I de...
8) Replacing Boat Floors 11-23-2004
  After noticing several really soft spots in the floor of my boat, I decided it
was time to tear it up and replace it....
2) (1 Sub-Project) 12-06-2004
  Submitted by user AMDRules

1) 06-10-2006
3) Wellcraft 1984 V20 Restoration & Transom with Arjay 01-11-2010
  Submitted by user nymack66
  Complete restoration of a Wellcraft V20 Transom and Gel Coat....
4) Long Haul (9 Sub-Projects) 12-10-2004
  Submitted by user Realgun
  Restoring a 1988 Bayliner Capri. This Boat was searched for on the net and
draged home 1400 miles....

1) Tilt steering 02-13-2007
  Installing a tilt steering mechanism....
2) Tilt/Trim 05-25-2005
  Tilt trim quit working ...
3) Upholstry 05-18-2005
  Reupholstering the inside of the boat...
4) Wiring up 05-04-2005
  Rewiring is going to be fun!!!...
5) Removing Pinstripes/polishing 04-08-2005
  Removing the pintstripes and polishing and repairing scratched in the hull. ...
6) platform seating area 03-10-2005
  This is the platfoms where seating and storage are located. Flotation foam is
hidden under these areas also. ...
7) Pedistal seating 03-08-2005
  Installing pedistal seating in project Long Haul ...
8) Gas filler replacement 03-03-2005
  I am replaceing to old filler with a new combo vent filler neck....
9) Long Haul replacing controls 02-24-2005
  Raising the motor for better performance and replaceing the controls. I will be
installing a new no feed back Uflex rack and a Uflex Shift/Throttle....
5) Remote Safe Fuel System for boats. 12-10-2004
  Submitted by user arthur
  Inboard petrol motors installed in boats have always been unsafe.This is a safe
system not requiring gas detectors or bilge blowers,but they can be fitted for e...
6) 15' Flats Conversion Part 1 (1 Sub-Project) 12-15-2004
  Submitted by user oneoldude
  Part 1 This is the Beginning of a project to convert a 1991 15' Bayliner Trophy
Utility to a Flats Boat. What you will see here is what I started with and the ...

1) 15' Flats Conversion Part 2 12-21-2004
  Part 2 Here I will show how I handled the motor, got the boat off the trailer
and turned it over to work on the bottom. ...
7) SHANANA (2 Sub-Projects) 12-30-2004
  Submitted by user kiwipete
  A 1973 18'6" Sea Nymph Commander. 21 deg hull. This was bought from a dealer
after it had been repossessed. It has a Volvo Penta AQ170c & 280 Stern drive

1) Dinghy repaint 09-17-2006
  This is my 10' dinghy which is having its first repaint after 20 years....
2) Engine repower 06-29-2005
  This is the plan: I have an old Volvo Penta AQ200 / Chev 305 core in my shed
that I am going to re-build up to Volvo AQ225D spec and repower my boat with it
8) 1985 23 foot Sea Ray Cuddy Cru 01-15-2005
  Submitted by user jimmythekid
  I bought this boat knowing it some rotted cushion backs and some other problems,
I am good at repairing stuff, so I thought no big deal, I got it on a good deal...
9) 69 Bell Boy Restore (2 Sub-Projects) 01-20-2005
  Submitted by user elpto90hp
  Working on my 69 Bellboy. ...

1) Deck Finish 03-01-2005
  Finishing the Deck, and installed seats / dry box...
2) Foaming 03-01-2005
  Foaming ...
10) '65 MFG Niagara (6 Sub-Projects) 02-11-2005
  Submitted by user Mark42
  This restoration project was intended to bring this old MFG Niagara back to safe
service and keep the '60's look and feel. I did not intended to do a museum pi...

1) Misc. Ugrades 06-24-2006
  This is where I'll add the ongoing miscellaneous upgrades and repairs needed
time to time....
2) Video of Niagara on the Water 09-29-2005
  href="http://www.zippyvideos.com/43587803507115.html">http://www.zippyvideos.com/43587803507115.html This
video was taken May 30th 2005 on Sag Harbor ...
3) Convertible Top 06-26-2005
  After the first season of boating it became apparent that some sort of sun
protection was needed on the boat. So after researching all the top options it
came ...
4) Permanent Fuel Tank 05-06-2005
  This project wil add a 14 gallon permanent fuel tank to the 65 Niagara Custom.
The tank will be mounted under the front deck with a fill plate centerally locat...
5) Steering Wheel 04-19-2005
  This is not really much of a project because it was a 5 minute bolt on. But the
results are great! I really like the way the new wheel looks with the guages a...
6) Windshield Rebuild 04-02-2005
  The windshield was in need of replacement. It had crazed and discolored over
the years and simple polishing cannot repair that type of damage. This is
an ...
  Displaying Projects 1 - 10 of 417 >>

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