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Sea trial
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 05-15-2008
Description: Nothing like taking the boat out after the work is done. It helps when things go well after spending hundreds of hours rebuilding the thing. A sea trial is important because you will uncover problems. I did this at a local no wake lake. If it was going to have problems, I would rather have happen here rather than on a larger body of water.
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I took the boat out to the lake for a sea trial. This lake has a "no wake" rule, so I would not be able to get it up on a plane for any length of time, but I can check some basic stuff.

This is what it is all about, blue water in front of you, and a boat that floats!
Boats eye view

It runs, but
I uncovered some problems that I have to fix them. The lower shift cable is stiff so it likes to stall. The plug wires are the wrong ones and pop off. The engine would not go over 1500 RPM at WOT and would only reach a put put speed. Even with it running like crap, I still towed a stranded boat back to the ramp.

The second trial went without a hitch. After the ignition problems were sorted out and the shift cable was replaced, the boat responded with some stong runs. It would plane quickly and reached 43 MPH on the speedometer. It still needs a new choke and seems to have a rich idle, but overall, it went well.
Trial #2

This makes the work worth it to a point. With all the time I have in it, I could get a part time job and pay for a newer boat! As long as the kids enjoy it, it will lead to a lot of quality time this summer. That you cannot buy.
Kids like it

Boy takes it out
The boy went for a solo cruise while I went to fetch the trailer. Our day was cut short due to a storm that was coming in.

The boy brought it in with the lower unit all the way down. The ramp goes out shallow quite far and the prop found some cement. Well, a new prop is needed, but the skeg is fine.
Bringing it in, but ouch!

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