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     Part 3 engine bay mods       
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Part 3 engine bay mods
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 08-30-2007
Description: Before installing the V8, a few modifications must be completed in the engine compartment. It seems like a lot of work, but it only takes a few hours and just requires a cut off wheel and hammer.
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Battery tray
The battery tray must be removed to make room for the intake and water pump. The battery can be located either in the rear trunk (in a marine box) or up front under the spare tire with the correct panel.

The tray was cut out with a cut off wheel. This makes room for a few more holes that are required for hoses and the water pump.
Tray removed

Water pump hole
A hole must be cut in the wheelwell to access the water pump bolts (it goes on after the engine is installed) and to allow the external water pump drive to be used.

The holes are complete. Notice another cut out to the left. This will allow the coolant hoses to be routed from the V8. This in no way weakens the car since the hole was reinforced from the wheelwell side. An electric water pump can be used, eliminating the large hole, but at the time of this build, I have not found one reliable enough. Also note the unibody has a rail that must be cut and bend down for clearance.
Finished holes

Trunklid hinge mount
The right side hinge box must be notched for valve cover clearance. This is a mount for the hinge torsion bar that cannot be reused, so a gas strut will be needed to support the trunklid when open.

The firewall needs a little work. Stock fuel lines must be removed, and a heat shield is also removed for clearance. This heat shield is not needed for the V8 since the exhaust system routes different. The heater lines are also removed at the hard pipes. New hose will connect from the engine to the pipes. The A/C lines are also disconnected and will be slightly reshaped after the engine is installed.
Firewall work

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