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     Part 1 Engine prep.       
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Part 1 Engine prep.
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 08-30-2007
Description: The V8 needed to be assembled onto a new subframe cradle. I built one prior, and found a few shortcuts, like getting a second frame to build up. This saved time by disassembling the frame in the car, meaning less time the car was down (or up on the jacks). Besides, I sold the complete powertrain assembly, saving the buyer time when he replaced his engine.
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Engine on stand
In this photo, you can see the custom engine mount, alternator mount and water pump drive. All parts came from V8 Archie. This engine was a low mile unit from an 89 Firebird Formula. The heads were ported, but the rest was stock.

This is the custom flywheel required for the swap. Also shown is the transmission adapter plate that allows the 5 speed manual to bolt to the engine.

The clutch is a custom Centerforce Dual Friction from V8 Archie. It cost a little $, but will hold up better than a stock clutch.

The transaxle is bolted to the engine, and hoisted to mate it to the rear subframe. I picked up and prepped a second subframe from the salvage yard to make the actual swap quicker.
Boy doing grunt work

Engine mounted to frame
Here, the engine is bolted up, almost ready to install. On the frame, a lower engine L bracket was welded on so the front mount will bolt on. The transmission mounts are stock, but relocated slightly. The mount holes were slotted to allow adjustment of the mounts. Also shown is the new torque arm. This limits the engine from torquing. The stock torque arm could be reused if the engine was set up for a carb, but due to the TPI manifold, this setup became necessary.

Shown is the custom harmonic balancer, the mounted A/C compressor and alternator prior to installing the belt. Also notice the poly subframe bushing. Poly bushings were installed throughout the suspension.
Front of engine

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