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     1987 V8 Fiero GT       
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1987 V8 Fiero GT
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 08-30-2007
Description: This is a project I completed some years ago. The Fiero found a new home when I bought my new (at the time) 02 Trans Am WS6. l found all the pictures and decided to put it here to give a walk thru on what it takes to put a large engine in a small chassis. The car drove strong and the weight differences was almost nil, but it's hard to put the family in a 2 seater. While I love my WS6, I miss this one. It went to a good home in St Louis in 2002, but I do not know it's current location at this time.
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1987 Fiero GT V6
This is what I picked up in Atlanta GA. It was a low mileage GT with a good running engine and an automatic transmission. It was also rust free. I had previously built an 85 V8 Fiero, but found the unibody was rusted (New York car). Instead of rebuilding it and adding GT panels, I decided to part it out and transplant the V8 into this new shell.

2.8 V6
The V6 was a great running engine. I sold it along with the transmission to help offset the cost.

The V8 looks like it belongs here. Some modifications were required, but a kit from V8 Archie made the swap a lot easier. All the engineering and major fab work is already done, leaving only some minor fab work and a little welding.
Tuned Port Injected V8

The exhaust system was custom built and included dual 3 way cat converters and dual Suppertrapp mufflers. The sound level is adjustable with adding or removing plates in the mufflers. If I was to do it again, I would use a different muffler because these were high maintenance and really did not hold up too well.
Rear shot

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