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Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 06-18-2007
Description: The wheels and tires that came on this suck. Correct tires and wheels are added.
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    Tear down
    Frame restoration
    Pedal stops
    Rear axle
    Floor mat

Wheels need to go
This is what came with the cart. The rear are trailer tires, and the front are from some cheap wagon.

While waiting for parts, we put a string on the throttle, a screwdriver in the shaft for steering, and tried it out. This is what happens to wheels that are not designed for go carts. It's a good thing the cart was crawling at a very low speed when this happened.
Reason not to be cheap

These are 18/9.5-8 tires and wheels that are perfect for the rear. The cart came from the factory with 21" tires, but these are what came on later model Dingos, and will actually work better than the larger size.

As seen here, the new meats are a little bigger, and will make this cart a true off road machine.
Rear difference

Old trailer tires

New cart tires

These are the new 145/70-6 front tires. The wheels are actually designed for go carts and have high quality bearings.

The new tires will give additional front ground clearance, and will grip better in the dirt.
Front difference

Old wagon tires

New cart tires

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