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Floor mat
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 06-03-2007
Description: The floor looks a little plain, so a mat will be fitted.
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    Frame restoration
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    (Floor mat)

Even though the floor looks great with the powercoat, it needs a small touch. I got some floor mat material to fill this in.

A pattern is made with an old paper bag. The paper is put on the floor, and lines are traced to match the floor.
Make a pattern

Cut it out
Cut out the pattern. So easy a kid can do it.

Ensure the pattern fits. Trim it up if too big. It costs much less to recut another pattern than recut the mat material.
Check for fit

Trace the pattern
Use the pattern to trace the outline on the mat. Cutting it a little big and trimming it down is better than making it too small.

I made the mat a little big so it would tuck between the frame and floor. This mat adds a little zip to the otherwise plain frame.

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