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     Rear axle       
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Rear axle
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 05-31-2007
Description: The rear axle assembly is in need of some major work. It has to be replaced due to some damage. The cost to refurb this cart just went up.
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Old drive assembly
The rear drive is in sad shape. The axle is bent, resulting in right wheel wobble and the sprocket not running true. The brake band material is bad, and the drum is out of round. A new axle, bearings and brake parts are needed.

This axle has 2 different size sprokets. A larger one (62 tooth) is bolted onto the original (54 tooth). The larger one is good for more torque at the expense of speed. It is also easier on a standard clutch. Since a torque converter is installed, the larger sprocket will be removed.

Frozen hub
One hub assembly will not come off, no matter the size of the hammer. Heat didn't work either, so they will not be reused.

All new hubs, bearings and axle nuts. A new 38" X 1" axle is also on hand to replace the old mess. All came from Willards Small Engines.
New parts

Axle bearing temp installed
The bearings are bolted up while the axle is mocked up. The axle is centered, and is marked for easier reassembly.

The sprocket assembly must be properly centered with the torque converter. To properly locate it, the chain is installed, and checked to ensure it runs straight with no binding. When this is done, the key is installed, and the sprocket is secured on the axle.
Mocking things up

After everything is mocked up, the axle was removed and eveything tightened up. It could have been done on the cart, but I had to add the brake drum that came from UPS today. The sprocket is facing opposite from original due to the location of the key slots, but it works just the same.

All the parts are installed, aligned, and secured. Spacers made from 1" ID steel pipe are used between the hubs and bearings to ensure the hubs are properly located. The axle is keyed for c-clips, but these spacers will be stronger.

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