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Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 05-08-2007
Description: What comes apart must be put back together. A complete machine is nothing but an assembly of many parts, and one piece of the puzzle can determine if it works or not.
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    Tear down
    Frame restoration
    Pedal stops
    Rear axle
    Floor mat

Base frame
The base frame is ready for assembly.

The first thing to be assembled is the roll bar. The front bars are assembled with the front plate.
Roll bar

Frame and front bars
The front bars are reattached to the frame. The bolts are not tightened until all the parts are installed.

The top plate and rear bar are next to go on. Once everything is installed and the bars are squared up, all bolts are torqued.
Rear bar next

Frame assembled
Some foam pipe insulation was installed on the bars next to where the seat goes. This will help cover the bolts and give a little padding. The frame appears to be growing with the bars installed. The dog likes it.

The spindles are reassembled with new hardware. The pivit points are greased up with a moly grease.

Tie rods
Tie rods are greased and installed. Final adjust will be made after everything is together. The steering shaft was also oiled.

The front suspension is complete. Final adjustments will be done when the cart is completed.
Front suspension

Engine installed
The new Tecumseh 5 HP engine is installed.

The clutch was changed out for a Comet Torq-A-Verter to get the most out of the engine. The engine was shimmed too much in this photo, and has been corrected.
Axle and torque converter

Rolling chassis
The tires are installed so the kart can be put on the ground while waiting for other parts.

A rubber floor mat was made and glued to the floor for a finished look.
Floor mat

Steering wheel
The wheel is bolted on. The stop switch was mounted on the wheel for easy control in case the cart needs to be shut down quickly.

The wiring to the switch were routed through the frame to the rear of the cart.

The seat is bolted in. This is a Manco seat and head rest, so everything lined up fine. I had to drill a hole on the mount strap that was replaced on the frame.

The brake band is bolted up and connected to the control rod. A return spring is added to retract the band.

Brake pedal
The brake rod is assembled to the pedal. There are extra holes in the pedal and rod to make adjustments as the brake band wears.

The throttle cable is assembled to the engine. The control was changed from the "lawn equipment" hand control to a Power Sport unit that allows a cable to operate it, and spring back to idle.
Throttle hook up

Throttle pedal
The throttle is assembled at the pedal. The cable is adjusted for full actuation of the engine control. A return spring is installed to ensure full throttle closure. There is a spring on the engine control, but the second one is for extra safety and a better feel.

This cart is done aside from some testing and tuning. Some more minor adjustments and tweaking is needed.

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