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     Frame restoration       
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Frame restoration
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 02-13-2007
Description: The frame needs to be stripped of paint for a proper inspection and to remove any rust. The plan was to paint it with spray paint, but instead it was powercoated for a more professional and durable finish.
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Frame inspection
Initial inspection looks good. There is no tube damage that can be seen other than the welding for the added on battery tray. The front axle measured out good, so it is not bent.

To properly inspect the frame and to prep it, the paint is being removed. A wire power brush did not work too well, so paint stripper is being used to soften it up.
Paint removal

Paint stripper is messy, but effective in removing the layers of paint this has. Rust is being identified and can be properly taken care of.

The paint is gone and the rust shows. I think the frame had some surface rust before it was painted when new. A complete inspection of the tubes and all welds showed everything was good. These frames can bend and crack, so if anything bad is found, repair welding or frame straightning would be done now.
Bare frame

Battery tray gone
A little time with the angle grinder took care of the welds, and the tray has been removed.

The front seat support is gone, so a new one will have to be welded in.
Seat support missing

New support
A new bar was welded in to replace the missing one. A piece of 1/8 1" bar stock was used.

The cage bars have also been stripped and inspected. After sanding rust for a few hours and some thought, I decided to cut the losses and take everything to Witts Powercoating in Bossier City, LA. The parts will get sandblasted and finished. Powercoating will hold up much better than paint, and will look better. I am also saving myself HOURS of work.
Roll bar

Frame completed
Fresh from Witts, this frame is done. It cost $100, but will hold up well and it only took 2 days to get it back. For me to paint it, it would have taken many hours of sanding, priming and painting. The powercoating process sprays a power on a electrically charged part, then baked so the powder melts and forms the finish. Powercoating is tough and very resistant to corrosion and chipping. This frame looks like a new one.

Everything for the frame is here ready for reassembly.

BTW: The van in the background can bee seen in the opening scene of Premonition.

All the parts

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