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     Tear down       
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Tear down
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 02-13-2007
Description: The cart must be totally disassembled to properly rebuild it. Having pictures and a parts breakdown will make reassembly easier.
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    (Tear down)
    Frame restoration
    Pedal stops
    Rear axle
    Floor mat

Up on stands
The first thing to do was to place it on stands. The seat was removed.

The fuel tank was removed, along with the tacked on bracket that held it. The boy is doing most of the work here.
Removing the fuel tank.

Brittle plastic wire loom
The roll bars has old plastic wire loom over it. This was difficult to remove since it semed to be glued in spots.

It is starting to look like one of those 60s racing carts at this point. It would be easy to keep the bars off for more of a "kart" look, but they will be reinstalled.
roll bars removed

Roll bar
This is the roll bar removed. There is no damage to the bars other than some rust and weld from the "engineered" fuel tank mount.

As seen in this photo, there is no room to work on the starter unless the engine is removed. This starter along with the battery will be deleted from the final product.
Engine next

Bare frame
Everything else that could be removed (front suspension, axle, etc) is gone. Not much left but the main frame.

This "tray" was added in the past to hold the battery. It will be removed.
Nice battery tray

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