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Drag it home
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 05-17-2006
Description: After clearing it out and pushing it up on a trailer, It was removed from the carport for the first time in 6 years. Now the fun begins.
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It was loaded it on a trailer and hauled home. Loading it took longer than expected because the owner really did not want to see it leave.

It was given an initial inspection. Besides the torn top and the dirt, the gas tank had a large dent, the rear seat was torn, and a lot of other small items were identified.

After looking it over, It was decided to leave it on the trailer and bring it to the coin car wash. Who know what critters have made a home in it.

A little cleaning might make it look better, maybe not. Dirt covers a lot of problems.
Car wash

After a LOT of quarters
It appears a little better after the wash, but now the problems with the paint appear. There is some hail damage and weathering of the clear coat. There are also a lot of deep scratches and scuffs.

Even though the owner cleared it out, there was still a ton of garbage inside. All of it was thrown away if it did not look important.

A few more quarters later
It took some serious vaccuming to get it here. A whole lot better, but still was very dirty, and had that smell.

It was a little tricky getting it off the trailer. When it was picked up, the driveway was on an incline so the car went straight up. Getting it off on the flat required some shimming of the trailer so the bottom would not scrape.
Back home

In the driveway
The first thing to do is put the top down. This is the reason for owning a convertible, and the airing out of the interior has begun.

In it's new home, next to the 02 WS6. The kitty cats spent the night in the garage just in case of any stray occupants that might have been hidden away.
In the garage

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