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     Fuel System       
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Fuel System
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 04-25-2006
Description: When gas sits for years it will destroy stuff. Jacks and fuel tanks also don't mix.
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Fuel pump access
Time to get it running. The fuel pump access is directly under the rear seat under an access panel. The fuel pump was shot since there was power available at the plug but the pump refused to move.

Looking under the car uncovered the fuel tank had a major dent directly under the pump. This, plus seeing the gum that fuel will turn the inside of a fuel tank after 5 years made it mandatory to replace both the pump and tank.
Dented tank

Up in the air to pull the tank. This does not look like it will be fun. The exhaust and the driveshaft need to be pulled.

If you work on old cars, get this stuff! It works, period.
You need this stuff

After a few hours...
Both the driveshaft and exhaust, after saying some bad words and spilled blood, are now on the ground. Victory is mine.

New used fuel pump, thanks to EBay. It was only a few months old when it was pulled, and it looks like it. It also has a 2005 date code on it. It came complete with the bracket, and a used tank sending unit. A real bargain. New ones go for over $250.
Fuel pump

The new tank also came from EBay. It is an aftermarket, but looks just like the old one. The only thing it does not have is a drain, but how many tanks do you see with drains?

All the old fittings and lines are removed from the old tank and put on the new. Some of the plastic clips broke, so some lines were secured in a few spots with zip ties.
Old and new

Tank in place
New tank installed with all the lines connected. Of course a new fuel filter was put on. After reconnecting everything and putting the car on the ground, the engine fired right up.

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