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     Interior clean up       
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Interior clean up
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 04-25-2006
Description: The interior was sad. While it was never flooded, it sat with old cigarette butts everywhere and no real ventilation. There was no mold, just a lot of nasty grime.
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This is a small example of all the garbage and funk in this car. Words cannot describe the stench of years of old cigarette butts give. The owner liked to smoke, and had enough empty packs and butts to keep the tobacco industry busy for a year.

The interior looks better after removing the 15 pounds of garbage. Better, but still dirty, and still has that stench. No mice seen yet.
Interior after vacuum

Cleaning up the dirt
Interior clean up. A solution of Lysol cleaner and water was mixed up. Apply and scrub this solution, then wiped it off with a damp cloth. A lot of the solution is used so the dirt would float up from the grain.

The part is now clean, but dull. Ensure all the dirt is gone prior to the next step.
Clean but dull

Before and after
Apply a dressing and let it soak in. The plastic gets dry with time and will soak it in. It took 2 coats of dressing before it was done.

More before and after. The job goes a lot easier and will be more complete if the seats are taken out. There is a lot of funk and some spare change under those seats. (about $8.26 to be exact)
More before and after

The dash is cleaning up nicely. The dash has no cracks. These dash pads are known to crack from the sun, and they cost a small fortune.

The area between the windshield and dash collected dead bugs. This is a tough spot to get at because of limited space.
Hard to reach funk

The solution is a paint brush with our Lysol solution. Scrub it in, get it real wet, then suck it up with a shop vac.

After cleaning and a good carpet shampoo, the interior is shaping up.
A little nicer

The boy hard at work. The seats were cleaned the same as with the rest of the interior.

The seats look better, but are not perfect. Leather does age.
Finished seats

Rear seat
The rear seat cleaned up too, but it has the famous seams coming apart. This will be left alone for now.

The console cleaned up too, but the shifter knob is bad.

Interior reassembly
The interior is in much better shape now than it was, but the seats need more work. See the leather restoration section for more work done to the seats.

The interior looks even better with the leather reconditioned.
Seat overhaul

Reat seats
Rear seats look much better and are more confortable.

Some good sun visors were sourced at a local junkyard for cheap.

Window tint
The window tint was really bad. The tinting that was on them was so clouded you could not see through them.

The tint peels off with a razor. The excess sticky glue comes off with an adhesive removing solvent. Wow, you can now see. The door glass, wing windows, and the back windows were all tinted. They now go up and down a lot better. A good quality tint will go back on in the future.
Peel like an onion


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