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     1989 BMW 325ic Restoration       
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1989 BMW 325ic Restoration
Submitted By: fixb52s
Date Created: 06-04-2005
Description: I found this car a few years ago when I helped a friend move. Her husband abandoned it, and it sat in their open Louisiana carport for almost 6 years. Many people offered to buy it, but he didn't want to give it up. It was just being used to store whatever they threw in (and on) it. It was dying a slow death. I talked the owner into selling it when he realized that it had to be moved out, and he knew he was not going to do anything with it. (A little pressure from his wife sealed the deal.) I restored it as a driver. . I could have sent it out to a shop, but I am a cheap bastard. Besides, I got the car fairly cheap, and I did not want to sink more into it than it is worth. My goal was to bring this car back to life as a reliable driver, without tearing it all apart for a total professional rebuild. Everything done can be completed by anyone with a general knowledge of cars and tools in any garage or carport. With that said, don't start a project unless you are comfortable with it. I have 32 years of mechanical experience, and this is just basic in my book. Folks have to start somewhere to gain experence, and these projects will give you the practice to dig deeper. If something gets messed up, redo it (unless it is the top, that can get expensive).
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Front before

Front after

Top down

Back before

Back after

Top down

Interior before

Interior after
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