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     Making Napkin Rings       
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Making Napkin Rings
Submitted By: shareaproject
Date Created: 05-13-2005
Description: For the first time, A major holiday dinner was to be held at my house. We went shopping for colorful plates, new tablecloth and linens, and planned to buy napkin rings. I had never bought them before and was suprised to find how expensive these little ringlets are...for our 8 guests, it would cost between $20 and $80 to buy them!!

It's not really my usual cup of tea, but I thought it might be easy to make napkin rings that look a whole lot better than what we found for sale and cost almost nothing. So..armed with my regular garage tools and supplies, I set out to do just that.
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The Napkin Ring - 1.5 inch PVC pipe

The Color - Cheap Ribbon

Fold the ribbon tip

Start Inside

Keep wrapping the ribbon

Cut off the Ribbon

Glue the remaining flap

Make as many as you need

Finished Table
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