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     Replacing Trunk Carpet       
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Replacing Trunk Carpet
Submitted By: shareaproject
Date Created: 05-13-2005
Description: We're a Jeep household...mine: Green 4wd Grand Cherokee with towing. Hers: Much Fancier White Grand Cherokee.

An "old" car battery was placed in the back of hers for transport to a disposal facility. It leaked, and destroyed the carpet in her trunk area. (My mistake, I should have moved it in mine)

A check with the local Jeep dealership indicated over $400 for new carpet. 4' x 4' piece of carpet...four hundred dollars.

I couldn't bring myself to do it, and so far have been able to find the part in salvage, so in the meantime, we decided to use regular outdoor carpet to "patch" the problem.
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Her Jeep Grand Cherokee

Closeup of Damaged Carpet

Cut to size

Trim to fit

Jeep Trunk Carpet - In Place

All Done
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