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     Lowering my Sportster       
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Lowering my Sportster
Submitted By: kpreese
Date Created: 03-18-2005
Description: I love my 2003 Sportster but I sure would like a lower stance. It might mean a sacrifice of some handling (reduced ground clearance, etc.), but it would look better and the bike is plenty capable of handling more than I intend to push it. I just like to cruise and enjoy the occasional quick redlight blast.

I am considering having a shop rake the neck to 35 degrees and then installing a set of 3 degree trees. That combination with the factory length fork tubes would lower the front end and give a little over 8 degrees more rake than stock yet maintain close to stock trail. If that materializes, I'll post a project to give more details, pictures and impressions.

In the meantime, I'm too impatient, so I am lowering it using the Harley-Davidson factory parts used on the Sportster "Hugger" model for both front and rear. I could be wrong about this being factory Hugger parts, so here are the part numbers:
Qty 2 needed - Rear shock assembly 54568-92
Qty 1 needed - Low suspension fork kit (with shorter Jiffy stand) 45480-94

I ordered these from Surdyke H-D because of their prices. Shipping was not all that prompt though it was clear on their site that this would be the case, so no real complaint there. Save some money and order from them, just order early. One last note: It wasn't clear on the site that the rear shock was a single so I ordered only one. I either wait another 2 weeks for the second one or go to a local dealer and pay a little more. As luck would have it, the New Port Richey H-D dealership has 1 of these beauties in stock so I'll be grabbing it first thing tomorrow (25% higher price though).
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Get the bike safely jacked

Motorcycle jack positioning

Motorcycle jack positioning

Motorcycle jack positioning

Removing a rear shock, lower bolt

Removing a rear shock, upper bolt

Safely removing the rear shocks

Insert upper bolt

Getting the swingarm in the *new* position
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