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     Raising the Barn Roof       
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Raising the Barn Roof
Submitted By: sdunt
Date Created: 09-24-2007
Description: Our property includes a 28 x 32 ft barn that is of pegged post and beam construction. The roof line has sagged and the wooden shingles are rotten and missing so you can star gaze in the haymow.

We are in the process of saving the barn by putting on a new steel roof. But before we do that we need to get the roof back in line. Then we can add new bracing to the rafters so the barn will be structurally stable.
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Our Old Barn

Jacking up the roof

Squeezing the walls in

How do you get a hold of a 6 x 6 and pull on it?

Jack & post details

Ridge and top of posts

All Trussed up

SOoo how does one measure the length of that 2 x 10 anyway??

Just a FEW braces
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