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     Lepera Bare Bones on 2003 Sportster       
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Lepera Bare Bones on 2003 Sportster
Submitted By: kpreese
Date Created: 03-13-2005
Description: I wasn't happy with the "puffy" solo seat that came on my 2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster. Not only was it a bit ugly, it was uncomfortable for me on longer rides. It looks comfortable, but just wasn't for some reason.

Though photos were hard to come by, the best looking solo seat I had seen was the Lepera Bare Bones seat. After installation, my first ride was a good 2 hour test and I am quite happy with it. Without a doubt, I love the way the seat feels when I first hop on it. I was relieved to find it was fine for the duration of that first 2 hour ride. It is a FIRM seat so DON'T EVEN THINK about getting this seat without the BikerGel. With the BikerGel, it conformed to my . . uh . . surface quite nicely. I didn't find myself fidgeting about after an hour like I did on the stock seat.

Installation couldn't have been easier though I had a bit of trouble removing the sissy bar that the previous owner had installed by H-D. I figured I'd share the project more as a product review since installation was so easy and also as a way to post a picture or two for others looking for that "right" seat.

By the way, this is NOT the LT version of this seat that rises in the front to meet the tank. I prefer the look of the original version.
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Start photo

Another start photo

Sissy bar removal, front strut bolt

Sissy bar removal, rear strut bolt

Sissy bar removal, rear strut bolt

Rear blinker lens removal

Sissy bar removal, rear strut bolt

Perhaps removing all strut bolts at the same time isn't so smart

Blue, medium Loc-tite
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