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Laundry Room
Submitted By: Mark42
Date Created: 05-07-2007
Description: Having the laundry area in the basement of a 2 story home is rather inconvenient. While planning to finish the basement, we decided that the space used by a laundry room would be better used for living space. So the laundry came out of the basement and was installed in a hallway closet.

The closet is 72" wide and 24" deep. Typical of a bedroom closet. With the sliding doors removed, total depth at the door opening was another 6", for a total of 30" deep. Still a tight fit for a standard washer/dryer. But I was determined. So I added a 1.5" spacer under the door casing to offset a pair of bi-folding doors and that worked just fine.

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2nd floor hallway.

Doors offset into hallway

Washer and dryer

Tight fit

Raised lip


Hanging Rack

Dryer vent

Soffit Vent
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