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     Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner       
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Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner
Submitted By: kpreese
Date Created: 01-28-2005
Description: The instructions are adequate, but some pictures of an installation of a Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner would probably be helpful for some folks, so here ya' go. I installed this on my 2003 Sportster. The kit fits quite a range of years though there were a handful of other parts and steps for installation on other years that I didn't need. While I had the air cleaner off, I also drilled out the tamper-resistant plug that covers the low-speed fuel adjustment screw on the carburetor. If I ever get around to actually adjusting that to improve the off-idle ultra lean sputtering I get until she warms up, I'll post it as another project.
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remove cover

stock filter

stock backing plate

5/32 allen wrench

removing carb screws

5/16 allen wrench

removing head breather bolts

neckid carb!

low-speed fuel adjust screw
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