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     1985 23 foot Sea Ray Cuddy Cru       
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1985 23 foot Sea Ray Cuddy Cru
Submitted By: jimmythekid
Date Created: 01-15-2005
Description: I bought this boat knowing it some rotted cushion backs and some other problems, I am good at repairing stuff, so I thought no big deal, I got it on a good deal (or so I thought). I went to replace the cushions and some other trim work, after starting I found more alot more rot thatn I first thought I will have about 1000.00 in materials, and lots and lots and lots of labor time. I took it out of the water in early October 2004, I work it most every weekend, all weekend, by far the biggest headache was ripping out all the old stuff, putting in the new stuff is pretty straightforward once I got used to working with fiberglass and resin, and later on foam. What follows is what I have done to it so far...
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This is my boat

Intracoastal waterway (Sarasota Bay) and rotted cushions

My son and I

rotted cabin floor

removing old wood and foam

Totally Gutted out hull

Forward view of gutted hull

Fitting new stringers

Scabbed together Stringers
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