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     Garage Door Opener       
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Garage Door Opener
Submitted By: kpreese
Date Created: 04-21-2006
Description: I've been using a keypad remote to open my garage door for my bike. I've been concerned about this on those rare late night situations because I can coast past all the houses in my neighborhood, but I have to park the bike, dismount, enter the code to open the door, remount the bike and rev it to get the bike moving again and into the garage.

Ideally, when approaching the house, I could have the door opening and then I should be able to coast all the way up the driveway and into the garage without making much noise at all. I ran across the HD opener kit which I discuss below. I wasn't able to use that, but I decided I could come up with a good solution.

The HD garage door opener kit is pretty slick. You flash your brights and that triggers the transmitter which is wired to the bike and doesn't need batteries.

The downsides are:
1. Retail price is $126.95
2. While it uses a revolving code system like my Genie, it still means using two separate receivers and that's twice the risk of accidental openings or someone gaining access.
3. Flashing the brights as I approach the house could annoy the neighbors (I doubt it though provided the headlight was pointed straight down the street) and I'd have to wait if an oncoming car was passing.
4. My particular opener does NOT have an extra set of terminals for an external switch. It indicates in the manual that only ONE wall switch be connected to these terminals. I suspect that the HD unit could be made to work, but if I take the manual at face value, then it will not work.

But this solution seems to work quite well.
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Guts of the Genie remote

Power wires soldered in place

Installed Deans connector to power wires

Power leads prepared

Double sided tape inside dash panel

Remote mounted

Switch installed on dash

Switch installation from the outside

All done!
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