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     Lighting updates (run/turn/brake controller, LED blinkers and tail light)       
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Lighting updates (run/turn/brake controller, LED blinkers and tail light)
Submitted By: kpreese
Date Created: 11-28-2005
Description: I love the blacked out look of my new 2006 Harley-Davidson Street Bob, but the amber and red lenses on the lights seemed out of place.

Thanks to a tip from a riding friend, I was looking into an electronic module to turn those rear turn lights into run/brake/turn lights to increase visibility. While on the Kuryakyn website, I decided to update the turn indicators to LEDs and to replace the large red tail light with a lower profile, LED version.

One nice perk to the improvements is the fact that all 4 turn lights and the tail light are actually "smoke" colored when unlit rather than amber or red. This lighting set up just seems like it was MADE for the Street Bob.

Also the run/brake/turn module has an optional flasher mode. The rear turn indicators (red now instead of amber) and the tail light all flash several times upon applying the brakes and then glow steady.
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    (Lighting updates (run/turn/brake controller, LED blinkers and tail light))
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Front lights

Rear lights

Unfasten the seats

Remove the seats

Locate the rear lighting wiring harness

Apply dielectric grease

Plug in module

Connect load balancer

Remove tail light
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