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Engine repower
Submitted By: kiwipete
Date Created: 06-29-2005
Description: This is the plan:
I have an old Volvo Penta AQ200 / Chev 305 core in my shed that I am going to re-build up to Volvo AQ225D spec and repower my boat with it next winter.
(A V8 always sounds better than a 6 cyl. Right?)
I have been quite succesful in getting most of the trim bits I need to build this up.
So far I have found 5 Exh manifold sets, An intake assy with correct Q'jet carb and flash arrester, engine mount brackets, Damper for the flywheel, Raw water pump assy, Correct oil pan and matching dipstick / tube set.
TradeMe has taken a big hit on this while I gather up all the bits I need to make this look like a Factory Engine of the correct period.
I will photo doc this once the block comes back from the engine shop and the assembly process begins.
Read on.....
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Rebored engine block on the stand.

Engine Block, Underside view

Left Bank, Top view.

Rear View

Ready for the next Head

Ready for the tinware

Top view.

RH side Upper view

Nearing final stages
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